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Please read this disclaimer carefully before accessing and using the website located at referred to as “the Website”). This disclaimer shall apply to anyone who accesses the Website.

By accessing the Website, you hereby acknowledge that you have read the terms and conditions of this disclaimer and that you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions herein. If you do not agree to all of the terms and conditions herein, you should not use the Website and are requested to exit the Website immediately.

1. SYNERGY CAPITAL MANAGEMENT Inc and Information on the Website

    Unless otherwise stated, the information and services provided on the Website (the "Information") are made available by SYNERGY CAPITAL

       MANAGEMENT Inc (the "Company") and the Company shall not be liable for any damages arising and resulting from the use of any


2. Information Intended for Residents of Japan only

       With certain exceptions, the Information is provided for the use by residents of Japan who have a full command of the Japanese language,

       and, therefore, it is not intended to be provided to residents of any other countries.

3. Accuracy and Reliability of the Information

       The Information is made available in good faith and is obtained from sources that are believed to be reliable and accurate as of the date and

       time published or indicated on the Website. However,  the Company does not independently verify the Information, which may not be

       complete or sufficiently accurate for specific purposes of users. The Company shall under no circumstances be obliged to update the

       Information frequently and shall not be obligated or responsible to do so. In addition, the Company is not obliged to make any correction

       even if some of the Information may later prove inaccurate. Any opinions or forecasts offered in respect of the Information are subject to

      change or withdrawal without any prior notice. The Company and their respective officers, directors and employees make no representation

      or warranty or take responsibility as to the reliability, completeness, timeliness, and accuracy of the statement contained on the Website or

      third-party websites referenced from the Website. The Information does not constitute any preliminary material provided to investors before

      they make an investment in any securities or financial instruments.

4. Copyright

      All copyrights with respect to the Information are the property of the Company or any party which provides such information to the Company

      ("Information Provider"). The Information cannot be duplicated, copied, printed, excerpted, retransmitted, delivered, sold, distributed,

      published, broadcast, circulated, used for commercial purposes, modified, or altered without the prior written approval of the Company or an

      Information Provider. In addition, users of the Website agree not to use the Information for any unlawful purposes. Users who download the

      Information agree not to erase or remove the copyrights thereto or other contents therein.

5. Trademarks

     The logo of the Company is proprietary to the Company.

6. Governing Law

       Users are deemed to agree that the terms and conditions of the Website are governed by the laws of Japan and that the sole and exclusive

       jurisdiction for all disputes relating thereto shall be in the Tokyo District Court.

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