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Our Purpose

To contribute to value creation and sustainability across local, Japanese and worldwide communities by employing investment management and innovation.

Our Vision

The Ten Pillars of Our Corporate Philosophy

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Our Mission

The 6 Pillars of Our Business Goals

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Our Values and Principles

Code of Conduct

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Commitment to Stakeholder Capitalism

​Our Stakeholders

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Our Beliefs

Our business practices are rooted in our beliefs in prioritizing altruism, diversity, and equality.

The Spirit of Altruism

Our core philosophy is to focus our minds on considering the various interests of our stakeholders and achieving positive outcomes.

  • To feel the happiness that comes from altruistic behavior

  • To have the ability to empathize with the feelings of others

  • To broaden the scope of consideration

  • To achieve the Sustainable Development Goals and contribute to a better society 

  • To demonstrate empathetic leadership

  • To recognize and practice a culture of compassion

Oneself and World in the ”Spirit of Altuism”

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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

We focus on diversity, equity, fairness, and inclusion.

Within these areas, we have a strong focus on pursuing gender equality.

  • We aim to realize a society where anyone can play an active role in any field according to their ambition, regardless of gender, gender sensitivity, race, ethnicity, age, etc.

  • Due to the low number of women in the business world in Japan, we specifically hope to promote and increase the number of female employees in economic and financial industries.

Background to the Focus on Gender Equality

In Japan, the ratio of women in the business world is relatively low.

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We will contribute to increasing the number of female executives in the Japanese economic community.

On the Axis of Ambidexterity 

Along with Governance

Under an organized compliance system and risk management system, we will glow by adapting to "Society 5.0", [*] which represents the future society that Japan is working towards, through ambidextrous management.

* :  A human-centered society that achieves both economic

      development and solutions to social challenges

      through a system that closely integrates cyberspace

     (virtual space) and physical space (real space).

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The Spread of COVID-19

In response to the spread of coronavirus, we have implemented operational reforms in terms of the way employees work within the company, focusing on the following four points. We will continue to promote these reforms with reference to the multi-stage life advocated by British organizational theorist, Lynda Gratton [*].

Transformation  :   Transformed the way we work

Resilience            :   Enough options to ride over the storm

Co-creation         :   Everybody's voice is heard to redesign our work and lives

Flexibility              :   Working in a flexible way

* : Lynda Gratton

A British professor at the London Business School and a leading authority on human resources and organization theory. She has been ranked in the "Thinkers 50", a biennial ranking of the world's leading management thinkers, and has been selected as one of the "Business Thinkers Most Likely to Make a Real Difference Over the Next Decade" by the Financial Times. In 2013 she was amongst the  "15 Top Thought Leaders". She is the author of several books, including the best-selling Japanese translation of “The Shift” (winner of the 2013 Business Book Award), which has been translated into more than 20 languages.

Additionally, we would like to offer our deepest condolences to all the people who have lost their lives due to Coronavirus. We would also like to express our most sincere sympathies for those who have been affected by the pandemic and to all those who are spending their days in anxiety. In addition, we send our heartfelt gratitude to the medical staff and all those who are providing such dedicated support to prevent the spread of the disease and caring for people on the frontline.

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